Mac Remote Desktop

Posted by moodyharsh on 2016-06-30


  1. Goto System Preferences/users
  2. Add a user with password
  3. Goto System Preferences/sharing
  4. Enable Screen Sharing
  5. Click ‘+’ and add the user you added in step 2
  6. If you are accessing your internet behind your router – you will have an ipv4
    address in the range of 10. and 192.
  7. Goto to your router’s homepage and unblock ports 5900, 3283, 22
  8. Goto and search for ‘ip’
  9. Give this url vnc:// to your friend and also the password from step 2

Your Friend’s Steps

  1. Open finder
  2. Go > Connect to Server
  3. Add the copy-paste the url there
  4. Click connect
  5. voilà ! your friend can see and control your desktop


  • If your friend repeats these steps, you can see your friend’s desktop.
  • You can toggle observe mode in View
  • You can do file transfers from Window

!! Use Activity Monitor to check the bandwidth !!

Welcome to Pair Programming :)