Western Music in India

= Western Music in India

Listenership ~ 2 million

= Producers

That shrill sound ?
That abrupt break ?

Hint: That shouldn’t be there every single time.

This is unique to india.

Consider Germany.
Imagine if every American / British decent sound,
is spinelessly copied,
with a german classical / folk addition,
and sold as “Underground”.

Right, that does not happen.

Indian instruments have very unique sounds.
Between classical / folk, I would pick folk.

After all, classical musicians are elitist, obfuscating, vowel elongating,
rote hacks, who singed for the Britishers and the Kings.

You can find more honesty, from the lower classes,
singing, “The new King is here, time to guard your clothes”.

In either case, pointless fusion music is the norm, panderered ad-nauseam for more