Adjectives are tyranny

by moodyharsh 2011-02-08

The definition of adjective “That which describes a noun”. Broadening the definition I also include adverbs.

  1. They are many of them
  2. They project no meaning at all other than a direct attack on subjective emotions
  3. It is impossible to reason with sentences that use them. How fast ? How good ?

The confusion between adjectives as nouns is a philosophical delusion.

You can always be faster and better, that in short is the tyranny.
Appeal to emotion is improper in matters of truth. Adjectives have no meaning at all other than acting as multipliers.

Without reasoning we must then take the highly adjectivised sentence
on faith. But tyrannical implies some kind of improper. How is that
property satisfied, since not all faith leads to tyranny ? By the
virtue of the second point. Just, appeal to emotion is improper in
matters of truth.

What should take the place of adjectives then ? Numbers.
With that all the poetry will burn and only the concrete remains.