Biased Opinions on Algorithmic Art

by moodyharsh 2016-08-21

When I first started looking at Algorithmic Art,
I was very excited.

Can code produce music ? Can code make art ?

The answer is no, mainly because it is a hard problem.
It’s like asking can an Algorithm produce a sculpture or
write a book. To trivialize it is just stupid.

Are algo artists doing anything in that direction ?
No. They typically use random numbers with some interactivity.

Programmers are living in a big bubble.

Dirupting this, disrupting that. Just cheap products with
instant mining and half-assed quality. If you have never attempted
making art, you don’t have an idea what the word quality means.

It’s painful to watch the have
an expired domain name and are nowhere year later.

Sadly if you are just a programmer you will not realize this,
because you have trained yourself to post in terms of up-votes,
in a community that is trained to make you think in terms of up-votes,
maintained by pedants,
optimized for SEO to be forgotten by tomorrow.

Programming is not art.
Programmers are not artists.
Creativity is just the first part of Art.
The other part is a motif.

What are they trying to convey ?
Emotion or Probability ?

One of the curses of the modern world, thanks to post modernism is demeaning of the word Art.
Any rubbish can be Art.

Andy Warhol and Van Gogh are equal in post modernism.

Art is Abstract Emotion.
You can google for the list of Emotions.