by moodyharsh 2016-08-31

Historically computers arose to assist calculations in
labs, military or banks. During the initial days, the procedures
for calculations had to be fed in manually. However with the advent
of programmable storage this became semi-manual.

Through time, these calculations coupled with programmable storage
came to be known as Algorithms. Coupled with transmission and
display, the Algorithms have become Automatons.

Algorithms + Communication = Automaton.

The impact of Automatons has been dramatic to say the least. At
this moment, every business is either becoming a Software business
or being replaced by Automatons.

The field of Computer Science is the study of Automatons. Although
Robots which are Automatons with a body discussed more widely,
Automatons however don’t seem to enjoy the fear and awe although
they are even more sickly pervasive.