On Competition

by moodyharsh 2016-09-26
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Competition creates Inequality.

To observe a competition, Referees are required.

They are typically from the older generation.

The complex rules of Sport and Law are meant to discourage

These rules, however do not preclude exploiting the opponent’s
Weakness. Avoiding Weakness is the burden of the opponent.

Since competition doesn’t make sense in abundance society,
scarcity is artificially created and exploited.

Winners take all.

This means that winners get to change and make history,
with their resources.

Losers typically wait for their turn.
This implies the connotations of Vengeance.

Until recently Rank was based on Race, Gender, Creed, Class as though
something possessing any one would result in automatic Honor, Virtue, Merit and Power.

Unfair Competition is a problem and is the source of
Revolutions in Society.

The petty game of Humanity, one must follow the rules, or break them
without getting caught.

Win Lose games have an asymmetry that Win-Win can never have.

All Groups against All.