by moodyharsh 2107-07-08


<1. Session View
2. Arrangement View
3. Midi View
4. Effects View
5. Envelopes view

Midi clip

  1. Samples
  2. Instruments
  3. Plugins

Arrangement view shows tracks horizontally
Session view shows tracks vertically

Session view is vertical represenatation of tracks.
All clips are quantized.
Clips are either audio or midi.
You also have return track for effects.

You can record automation by clicking the automation button on top and start recording.
You can also draw automation onto the clip.

There is a crossfader view at the bottom right corner which reads x.

You can enter a loop by clicking the record button.

Select clip and press tab to move to arrangement view.
You can start recording session view to arrangement view by clicking record on top.

  • Sleep is quantized to the bpm
  • You can’t have step counters like a tracker, sleep is the only way.
  • You have effects, samples and synths
  • Play and control
  • Rings and ticks
  • Sync and cue

These are the overall structures useful for making music.
You have ADSR Envelopes.
Automation envelopes are possible using ramp.