The unity of Dub, Techno and Jungle

by moodyharsh 2016-06-30

Dub, Techno and Jungle** are distinct musical genres.
What could they possibly share ?

(** Jungle is used as a catch all for Breakbeat, Hardcore as well)

All three uphold the primacy of Rhythm for start.
This means that melody is nothing but a repeating motif or a live instrument.

All three are instrumental.
Voices are used sparingly as samples.

All three have a tradition of live acts.
Dub Plates are common for these genres.

It is how each achieves Rhythm that gives them their unique feel.

Dub Music is made by messing with the Recording Engineer’s Mixing desk.

  • tweaking.

Techno is made by messing with Hardware or Hardware + Software.

  • tweaking + layering.

Jungle Music is made by messing with Hardware + Software combo.

  • complex layering