Dyslexia and Me

by moodyharsh 2016-09-14
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Dyslexia and Me


  1. Sensory Delay
  2. Sensory Distortion
  3. Sensory Sensitivity
  4. Right Brain Dominance over Left Brain

The senses in question being eyes and ears.


  1. Difficulty and misinterpretations in Reading / Hearing
  2. Delayed Responses
  3. Bad Spelling
  4. Visual Stress
  5. Distraction

It seems Right Brain reasoning is different from Left Brain.

  1. Spatial Reasoning
  2. Intuitive Reasoning
  3. Inductive Reasoning
  4. Negative Reasoning
  5. Fuzzy Reasoning
  6. Narrative Reasoning

Speaking from personal experience, my writing style and communication venge on terseness. My ability to visualize and reason about code and execution surprises me quite a bit but it makes it difficult for me to put it into words for others, sometimes. If I can however bring people to use visual methods of using demos / storyboards, I do better. My speech when, free, has lots of similes, metaphors and analogies.


  1. Tinted Glasses
  2. Spelling Software
  3. Eye Friendly Software
  4. Ear Buds
  5. Distraction Free Environments
  6. Recording and Practice in front of a mirror
  7. Slow Work
  8. Patience
  9. Reading out loud
  10. Bigger Fonts
  11. Dynamic Dictionaries
  12. Thinking out loud

As the societal incentives are geared towards Neuro-Socio-Typicals and Left Brain, which favors Sequential Reasoning more, there is a chance of abuse and neglect which can lead to emotional dysregulation and poor self-esteem issues. Don’t let it affect you. Leaf forward.

Stop sticking to labels. It helps to think of Dyslexia as a recessive gene than as a disability. Much of modernity is far from hunter gathering days where spatial reasoning was sufficient for survival. There are many places where it still reigns supreme, they were just not available for us to when young.

Software as a Profession

Communication is a challenge. As computers can feedback errors, well disciplined approaches will catch most of the errors.

Debugging, however is fun and the best part. I think Programming especially Game Development can engage people in spatial reasoning whilst being fun at the same time.