Geek Rights

by moodyharsh 2006-09-01


Right to be geek.
Right to stay home.
Right not to have a partner and be a virgin.
Right to not like football or sports.
Geek right to association.
Right to have few friends (or none).
Right to all friends who want to geeks.
Right not to be fashionable.
Right to overweight and myopia.
Right to display the actual freak.
Right to dominate the world.

Being a geek, however.
Try to be more geek than another.
If there is any discussion on any topic geek, opinion.
Safeguard all geek material.
Do everything possible to expose the material geek like a “freak museum.”
Not be any geek. You have to be specialized in something.
Go to the premiere of any movie geek, before anyone buy a book or DVD geek.
Wait in line at a premiere geek, and if it is disguised, or geek shirt, the better.
Do not ever let go of anything on the geek world.
Try to dominate the world.