Internet Communication

by moodyharsh 2016-08-23

Forms of Communication


Post (async)
Telegraph (async)

  • Yellow Pages


Newspaper (async)
Radio (async)
TV (async)

^ + Telephone == sync


Internet is a m-n Communication model, with some twists.

  • m = 1 for private messaging

  • bad quality content for large m and large n

  • poor dpi, resolution, bitrates

  • content agnostic – text, images, video, sound

  • cost for consumption increases as m increases

  • cost for creation increases as n increases

  • when m is small and n is large, it resembles TV with all its faults
    ** grosser kistch is the dominant aesthetic
    ** unregulated medium

  • like Pirate Radio, m and n can be small
    ** this is the most unique possibility with the internet

  • archival value for public domain

  • interactive yellow pages

For consumers,

  • use it like a tv, news
  • find niche communities

For creators,

  • treat it like a tv
  • make news
  • treat it like an archive
  • get listed in yellow pages
  • find niche communities