An Introduction to Data Flow

by moodyharsh 2016-08-22

Data Flow is represented by a Graph.

Graph = Nodes + Connections.

Connectionns are like pipes, function calls, yields, pushing to queues.

I should be more mathematical, but fuck mathematicians.
If a mathematician ever asks me to add two numbers I will gladly give him this.

Control Flows are like depressed Data Flows.
Data Flow graph gets giddy and excited on receiving data whereas Control Flows think and brood.

They consult the
1. Decision table
2. Past lives
3. The current input dilemma
and then commit to an action which begets fruitful data.

The depressed state machine can’t do two tasks at a time because it’s past will lose meaning.
Every task is like a transaction.

Those who play with electricity named it Signal Processing.
Those who punched cards called it Data Processing.

Prioritizing the process, the sages who cursed with hexes named it coroutines.
The neckbeards of Unix named it pipes, prioritizing the flow.

Those who see the movement made in heavens call it Reactive Programming.

River Birds call it Stream Processing.

Classless persuations named it workflows as this is what it felt like.

The tao has a fraudulent passport, who can predict what it is known by in strange lands ?