Is Ruby an acceptable Perl6 ?

by moodyharsh 2016-04-27

What Ruby has

  1. Standard Spec
  2. Multiple Implementations
  3. Gems
  4. Threads (jvm)
  5. Async
  6. OOP with overloading
  7. Good unicode coverage
  8. Embeddable
  9. Mobile

All the goodies basically.

Still the answer is No

What is unique about Perl6 ?


Grammars provide

  1. Expanding Perl6 from within
    1.1) Syntax Level Compatibility
  2. Access to modifiable AST at runtime

This is comparable to Lisp without s-expressions, which are trivial.

Implementing Grammars will put Perl in the 200 year language domain.
Maybe it’s Yin / Yan again as Grammars are easy to use but not so easy to implement.

OOP and FP

A Perl-ish take on it.
You can follow the Perl6 development here.

Things I wish Ruby Community stole from Perl

1) Informal writing style ** 2) The Old School attitude of script writing ** 3) Humour 4) Beautiful API design 5) Backwards Compatibility

Things I wish Perl Community stole from Ruby

  1. Better looking websites
  2. Embeddable (mruby, C Api)

** This is what sucked me into Perl,
TPJ, HOP, Mastering Algorithms and the Camel Book.

** Even Perl5 lost this because for some reason scripts are
less enterprisy than modules.