javascript is broken

by moodyharsh 2016-04-27



typeof and instanceof


a duck language that doesn’t typeid ?
duck that


no one in the world wants it.
class should be separate from the state.

cps (callback passing)

cps is done by compilers.
how the fuck is that high level ?


promises can’t solve producer consumer problem.
you need good old mutexes for that.

constant library api breakage

thank god npm is not selling candy.

alice : why isn’t this candy sweet ?
npm : you know, salt is the new sweet.
alice : you are lame.

you can look at grunt and express for examples of this.

what the fuck is wrong with programming language communities ?

every language seems to have a “war” with

goto | everyone
if | oops
pointers | everyone
= | dysfunctional langs
while loops | dysfunctional langs
return | async
types | ducked up langs
statements | dysfunctional langs
sequential execution | dysfunctional langs
global variables | everyone

what else is there to program with ? butterflies ?

c++ has has all of them

every time I try these “war” languages, my appreciation for
c++ goes up.

every application that I ever liked using is in c++.

c++ offers abstractions to the programmer.
everyone else, forces.

hype. never. again.