On Mediums

by moodyharsh 2011-07-23

Communication requires a medium

The following four mediums are to be recognized

  1. oral

  2. book

  3. radio, tv, newspaper, speeches, cinema

  4. internet and academic journals

The property of the oral medium is, it enforces the communication to
have a purpose, even if it is merely for entertainment value. Free style
poetry is not entertained in oral communications.

The property of the book medium is, it should have an effect on the
reader. Books which are shallow and leave the reader with apathy are
generally FAIL. Now what may this effect be ? mostly emotions .. joy,
depression and the like.

The property of the 3rd style mediums is subtle. It is like the book but
more subtle. Monologues in books are daunting, but in cinemas,
it’s valid. The inherent property of this medium is the hidden
agenda. Leftist, rightist or centrist or grey or purple.

Now internet is a new medium but academic publishing is old, they have
an important connection though. Its the hyperlink or the reference.
Unlike all else, the property of this medium is permanent memory. All
the above rely on people forgetting stuff, after the communication
is over. In the internet not so ! you are expected to google and dig deep
into the hyperlinks. In an academic journal, you are expected to read
the footnotes ! This makes internet the best way to record and to preserve
truth. The hyperlink is also the best way to preserve any argument.

What is each medium best for ?

  1. business and gossip

  2. mythos, emotions

  3. propaganda, spectacle and a bit of 2)

  4. cats and facts