by moodyharsh 2017-07-02

What comes next ?

This is the pertinent question when composing music.

Here are the mechanical ways of doing it.

  1. Mathematical patterns like fibonacci series, geometric series,
    pi, fractals …
  2. Neo-Riemannian_theory, Set transformations like inversion, Combinatory theory
  3. Sacred Gemoetry
  4. Circle of fitfths, chord progressions
  5. Scales and Scale transistions
  6. Licks
  7. Randomness, I Ching, Playing Cards

The above however don’t address the whole composition especially
the subjectivity of it.

What is the intro about ? What is the bridge about ? What is the
verse about ? What is the chorus about ? What are the various
sections about ?

Here is one way of thinking about. Music is about answering a
question. The question which the artist poses to the audience.

It is story telling in one way, but the essential question driving
any story is how to be ? This question is answered with doubts,
emotion, circularity, warnings, exposition, rises, falls, reprisals,
conclusions, contradictions, denouncements, confrontations, mistakes,
reversals, recognition, revelation resolution, statements and
breakdowns just like in a drama. It is not a coincidence that the
sonata and the dramatic structure share the same form.

The intro of music is the question it asks. Subsequent are verses
the answers. The Rhythm emphasises the verses.