Musical Impetus

by moodyharsh 2016-07-30

As usual Guitars solos fascinated me.
I did the air guitar, I couldn’t afford an electic guitar, so it remeained a dream.
In 2011, I started listening to electronic music on a regular basis.

I tried out fruity loops, ableton [Pirated].

The first thing that that i experienced was dissillusionment,
Too many buttons,
and terms like MIDI, track, sequencer, piano roll, OSC, sampler, soundfont, synthesizer, effect, mixer, LFO,
VST, rewire, automation, filter, equalizer, DSP, FM, AM, AS, SS, PM, arpeggiator, patch ..

Pure Data was a bit minimal and free, so I learnt a lot from it.

I would say my Influences are,
Pink Floyd
Radio Head,
The Clash,
Hans Zimmer.

I like all genres. I usually look for Independence and Skill in the artist.

Anyways to be comfortable in making music you need to have the following,

  1. Counting, Metre: This makes collaboration and arrangement easy
  2. Absolute Pitch: This makes chorts, scales improvisable and superfluous.

In case you are a beginner, just remember …
Music is arrangement.