Renoise + Plugins

by moodyharsh 2016-04-27

Made my third renoise track.

Up until now I have been using renoise for post production EQ-ing.
Renoise is surprisingly good at that.

One of the advantages of Electribe is the intuitive feel of it all.
Renoise however allows more complex editing to take place.

Note for purists: I intend to make renoise workflow like hardware.
I want to produce the tracks imporvised live much like Electribe.

Renoise Plugins

  1. Grid Pie
  2. Step Sequencer

I tried meddling with Renoise automation with keyboards.
I’ll stick to MIDI I guess.

VST Plugins

Renoise is already good with sampling comes with 909 samples.

Reverb + Delay are too complicated in renoise.
Thankfully TAL has good plugins here.


TAL Juno vst.
Custom Wave Generator is a nice renoise plugin for some Saws.


Using Grid Pie, Audio Hijack for System audio capture and MIDI I was able to do the whole track live.
I had to bend over backwards to control MIDI knobs and the mouse.

This setup can definitely be used for long sessions.
Grid Pie comes with 8x8 which should do quite well.


VST windows and Grid Pie don’t work well together.