On the problem of superfluous surplus people

by moodyharsh 2010-10-01

the capitalist says: we can’t hire them all.
the socialist says: we can’t feed them all.
the christian says: we can’t cheer them all.
a prankster says: so what ?
common man: my wife is pregnant … thank god !
girl: why don’t you smile like other people ?
student says: need to take a dump mate.
the anarchist: lets bomb the bank.
communist: we need to eliminate imperialism first.
marxist: sooner or later they will bomb the bank.
america: we gave you hollywod ! is that how you show your gratitude ?
an eagle: sweets.
a copper sighs: i will become the chief. wait you till then.
an economist: they demand too much,
biologist: darwin baby !
mathematician: Euraka ! Eureka ! i have solved another pointless scribbling.
a physicist: the force is within you.
artist: pass the dope please.
the great philosopher says: no whisky. no solution,
producer: i am proud to be a part of this saga aptly named forest dump.

the superfluous surplus is a wanker.