Mac Remote Desktop

by moodyharsh 2016-06-30


  1. Goto System Preferences/users
  2. Add a user with password
  3. Goto System Preferences/sharing
  4. Enable Screen Sharing
  5. Click ‘+’ and add the user you added in step 2
  6. If you are accessing your internet behind your router – you will have an ipv4
    address in the range of 10.**** and 192.****
  7. Goto to your router’s homepage and unblock ports 5900, 3283, 22
  8. Goto and search for ‘ip’
  9. Give this url vnc:// to your friend and also the password from step 2

Your Friend’s Steps

  1. Open finder
  2. Go > Connect to Server
  3. Add the copy-paste the url there
  4. Click connect
  5. voilà ! your friend can see and control your desktop


  • If your friend repeats these steps, you can see your friend’s desktop.
  • You can toggle observe mode in View
  • You can do file transfers from Window

!! Use Activity Monitor to check the bandwidth !!

Welcome to Pair Programming :)