Why we should just simply call ourselves Hackers

by moodyharsh 2016-09-19
why-we-should-just-simply-call-ourselves-hackers #

Why we should just simply call ourselves Hackers

If we don’t define ourselves, someone else will.

Developers, Programmers, Engineers, Code Artists, Coders, Codesmiths, Code Warriors, Craftsmen … these are currently the labels we use to explain our profession. One can get an idea of how this can appear confusing to the outsider.

Computers can enrich our lives, give focus, amplify our adventures, gauge our science and grow our business. Right now computing is being embedded into everything and it is now more than ever that we need to redefine our role and show. some. fucking. solidarity.

Rather than confusing pre-existing labels and shoe-horning them to our profession, which makes use of synthetic intelligence more than any, I propose that we call ourselves Hackers instead of the myriad other ways.

Hack: To put stuff together or break, or synthesise, especially with the help of a computer, intelligently or creatively or for fun.

Hacker: Someone who hacks computers for a living.

I am a Frontend Hacker.

I am a Backend Hacker.

I am a Security Hacker.

I am an expert Systems Hacker.

I am a Typography Hacker.

I am a Growth Hacker.

I am a Music Hacker.

I am an Electronics Hacker.

I am a 3D Printing Hacker.

I am a Game Hacker.

I am a Control Systems Hacker.

I am a Language Hacker.

I am a Gene Hacker.

I am a Beginning Machine Learning Hacker.

See ?

Not only does the word Hacker describe what we do, the domain in which we work but also the values of our profession that the original Hackers who started this Silicon Age, tried to instill in us.

Computers can fix and improve the world.

The best Code is free and open.

Hackers should be judged by their hacking, not criteria such as degrees, age, race, sex, or position.

You can create art and beauty on a computer.

Community and collaboration over centralised authority.